Going Vegan Health Benefits – A Beginner’s Start To A Vegan Lifestyle

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As most newbie Vegans, I believe myself to be one of the most unlikely candidates to be
writing about beginning a Vegan Lifestyle. I guess the first thing would be to define what
Vegan means to someone who has only been totally plant-based for less than three

A little bit of back-story might be in order. My girlfriend and business partner and I work
from home and we didn’t eat a whole lot of meat anyway.  We did however eat eggs and
fish or shrimp occasionally. Oh and cheese, we did like having a bowl of queso from time
to time.

Until we stayed with our friend Ronda while our new place was getting ready to move into.
Ronda is another unlikely Vegan, but we’ll save that story for another time…

Being Vegan for me has been eating totally plant-based meals equally for the top three
reasons most people adopt it as a lifestyle: Vegan Health Benefits, Vegan Cruelty-Free
aspect and Vegan Environmental Impact.

Here’s what I consider to be my personal catalyst
and what I consider the best Vegan documentaries.

Earthlings Image  Earthlings

My friend Ronda asked me to watch Earthlings and I’ve been a completely changed human
being ever since. I completely gave up TV and most movies over 18 years ago and the things
I did watch had to have some benefit emotionally, mentally or Spiritually. So, mostly I watched
non-fiction documentaries anyway.

Watching Earthlings all the way through not once but twice made me almost ashamed to be
human-I only say almost because humans can exercise the ability to choose what and how
they want to live. I chose that I would no longer participate in what the food industry is doing
to the food supply.

Next I watched What The Health and then Cowspiracy next followed Forks Over Knives, Fat
Sick and Nearly Dead and a few others. I find it fascinating that people can watch movies with
women being beaten, people being killed, and other unimaginable stuff but can’t sit and watch
Earthlings all the way through.

When I go out to the grocery store or restaurants I find it almost surreal to realize the effects of
what our wonderful corporations are doing to the very foods that make life possible…

Vegan Health Benefits for me in less than 3 months

The first few days being Vegan was not very different for myself and girlfriend Debbie as we
only gave up eggs to eat Vegan. During the first week of eating completely plant-based we tried
eating some Queso cheese dip-we both felt awful afterwards.

A week later, not being convinced we tried making one of our monthly favorites: a veggie pizza
with organic cheese no doubt, again the same result we felt awful.

Within a month I went from pre-hypertensive to normal blood pressure, I lost around 15 lbs. and
went from feeling like I was in my 40’s (I’m actually 48) to feeling as good as I did in my early 20’s
Has it been challenging, of course. Do I mind being thought of as a freak because “I don’t even
eat cheese? I could never do that!” Not at all, if only for the health benefits alone!

But there’s more to the story than it being about my personal health improving in ways that are
outside the scope of polite conversation-besides that would still be selfish of me.

What about the animal cruelty in the Food Industry

I have never slaughtered any animals, yet I have done as millions of Americans have done…
participated with my dollars in the unimaginable cruelty of the Food Industry. I knew in the back
of my mind that the conditions were bad but I had no idea the extent of the cruelty the animals
that end up on our plates endure from birth to death.

And I find that the irony of it all, is that not only is the environment being massively affected for
the worse but that our health is suffering the most. Epidemic cases of many of the most horrible
diseases humans face can be reversed by a plant-based whole food diet. It gives a whole new
meaning to the saying,”digging our graves with our teeth.”

I was horrified to hear that last year’s estimate of the number of fish pulled out of our oceans
was more than the number of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy (the galaxy earth is in lol) and the
figure was estimated to be close to a trillion. I dont think I can ever go back to participating in
the carnage-just saying.

The environmental impact of the meat industry…

Cow farts. That’s the response of American meat industry spokespeople when asked about
their impact on the environment. While funny, the impact on the global environment isn’t.
Deforestation, land degradation, possible global warming impacts, energy use, air & water
pollution, and most importanly decrease in biodiversity.

Regardless of your beliefs, political views, etc…living in a toxic wasteland is just that. We
have only one world to live in, one world for our children to live in and one world for our
grandkids. It’s very likely that they will be forced to fix the very environmental disaster that
that we support day in day out, year in year out with our obsession on convenience.

Oh and let’s not forget good taste. Most seem to be content with passing the buck so to
speak when it comes to avoiding the medical and environmental trainwreck we’re certainly
heading towards. Every single choice we make counts, PERIOD. Choose wisely and dig
deeply to find the information that protects you and your family-the bottom line won’t.

Just another Earthling on this planet

The Vegan health benefits I’m enjoying was paid with a cost, the cost of my complacent
ignorance up until a few short months ago. It’s easy to consider and forget, as most people
do whether it’s a Cancer fundraiser, a conversation, or by one’s own personal necessicity.
It seems to me that every single choice we make matters, every single one. Not just for
ourselves but for every single Earthling, not just the ones we call human.