Raw Probiotics – Probiotics Health Benefits

Raw Probiotics – Probiotics Health Benefits

For as long as I can remember my stomach always seemed to hurt after eating and I just thoughtWomens Raw Probiotics it was normal because I ate fairly healthy at the time. I had tried all different kinds of both prescribed medicine, over the counter as well as herbal and nothing seemed to work. I even tried some kind of sticker that was supposed to relieve pain and funny it worked for a little bit but didn’t last.

I decided to go into my local health food store and chatted with one of the girls and she recommended Probiotics. I had heard of them before but never really knew what the Probiotics Health Benefits were and started doing some research.

What Are Raw Probiotics And The Health Benefits?

Raw probiotics are bacteria that are an essential part of your digestive tract and play a crucial role in many essential functions of the body. Of the many proven benefits of probiotics, they are most effective in healthy digestion, supporting immune function and nutrient absorption.

Before modern agricultural and food processing practices, probiotics were plentiful in our diets just from eating fresh foods grown in good soil. Most foods today contain little to no raw probiotics due to chemicals in our tap water, antibiotics and refrigeration which all kill off our helpful bacteria in our intestinal tract.

Below are three of the top benefits of raw probiotics and how they can keep you and your loved ones healthy and protected from the stresses of modern life.

Digestive Benefits of Raw Probiotics

Of the many digestive benefits, probiotics help maintain a healthy balance of ‘good bacteria’ in the intestinal tract. This is beneficial in keeping a healthy barrier for toxins, viruses and unhealthy bacteria from entering the blood stream.

Raw Probiotics And Digestive HealthThey also play an important role in reducing diarrhea, whether it’s from virus, bad food or the overuse of antibiotics. Current estimates there are over 46 million unnecessary prescriptions of antibiotics annually, all of them compromising our good gut bacteria.

Finally, raw probiotics have been shown to help conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome as well as inflammatory bowel disease which affects millions of Americans.

Maintaining a healthy balance of good gut bacteria with the aid of probiotics is an important part of living fit.

How Raw Probiotics Help The Immune System

Since over 80% of our entire immune system is located in your digestive tract, probiotics play a major role in helping keep our immune system healthy and functioning properly.

One of the most important immune system benefits of raw probiotics is the aid in controlling inflammation. Inflammation is one of the main contributing factors of chronic diseases like irritable bowel syndrome, eczema and Crohn’s.

Another important immune benefits of probiotics is that they help keep a balance of the good bacteria in the intestinal tract. This is crucial in breaking down fats and proteins that are common in the SAD (Standard American Diet) diet.

With immune function being a major concern of the health of both infants and the elderly, the digestive benefits of probiotics are important to both men and women.


How Probiotics Help Nutrient Absorption

With nearly 90% of nutrient absorption taking place in the small intestines, healthy gut bacteriaRaw Probiotics Immune System Benefits aided by proper probiotic support can be effective in maintaining optimum health.
It’s in the small intestine where the majority of food nutrients enter into the bloodstream where they are are distributed throughout the body.

If you suffer from Irritable Bowel Disease (IBD) or another type of Chronic bowel disorder, your intestines are more than likely struggling with nutrient absorption.

Many suffering from a compromised digestive tract, can see Probiotics Health Benefits greatly from taking raw probiotics regularly.

How To Get More Raw Probiotics Into Your System

There are many ways to get more raw probiotics in your system to help maintain your overall health. One good way is to eat more sour and probiotic rich foods, like pickled veggies, olives and peppers. Also, eating foods like sauerkraut, kimchi, yogurt, miso soup, kombucha (Learn More About Kombucha) and even raw cheese are excellent sources of probiotics.

If you have to take antibiotics you can help restore a healthy balance of good bacteria by eating plenty of the above foods as well as taking a quality raw probiotic supplement.

Once I did my research and found out all the health benefits I decided to try Garden Of Life Raw Probiotics for Women and I am so glad I did. Not only did my stomach pains go away it made me want to eat healthier and I now have adopted the Vegan Lifestyle.

8 thoughts on “Raw Probiotics – Probiotics Health Benefits

  1. Alexander

    I really like pickled veggies, olives, sauerkraut, kimchi, miso soup and kombucha. I should try to get more of these in my diet. Not a big yogurt fan – does sour cream count?

    Garden of Life makes quality products – my sister swears by them. If I drank 2 Kombuchas a day, do you think this would be enough probiotics or do I need the supplement, as well?

    1. Eric Wheeler

      Hey Alexander, I know and like Kombucha myself and have actually brewed my own from time to time. The reason I brew my own is because of the process used for consistency in commercially produced Kombucha (adding carbonation in conjunction with an almost fully brewed Kombucha) to extend the shelf life. There’s always a trade off for convenience it seems.

      As for sour cream, since we’re Vegan we don’t go there. As far as Garden of Life products we agree with your sister they are among the best out there. Please post back with your results if you try them.

      Eric & Debbie

  2. Matthew

    Hi again, I bookmarked this site last time I was on and left a comment on your protein tablets for vegans so I thought I would pop back to take a look at what else you have written about as I’m still undecided whether to go vegan or not.

     I was quite intrigued when I noticed the headline of this page as I have had some serious health issues in the last year so anything I can learn from I always make sure I take a good look to see if I can benefit from it and it seems like I could benefit greatly from these Raw Probiotic tablets.

    I recently changed my whole diet, for the better, but since changing what I eat my stomach doesn’t know what’s happening. I thought that after a while of getting used to the new diet regime the pain I was getting would subside, but that has not been the case at all.

    I did try drinking those small probiotic yoghurt drinks but I thought they were a bit too sickly so I had to stop drinking them.

    Is there any taste to these tablets as some from my herbal and health shop tend to have a horrible aftertaste?

    1. Eric Wheeler

      Hey Matthew, I hope that trying these probiotics might help you. There’s no after taste with
      these capsules and these have helped everything keep moving right along so to speak lol.
      Please let us know if they help

      Eric & Debbie

  3. TJSchlenker

    Wow, I didn’t know 80% of our immune system was in the digestive tract. That’s surprisingly high.

    You mentioned pickled veggies have a lot of probiotics. Does that also go for simple pickles??

    I’m not Vegan, but I am Vegetarian, and try to get all the good stuff through what I eat. I still take “Alive” vitamins though, as well as the “Alive” probiotic liquid occasionally.

    I’m still running half-marathons, so it can’t be bad, right?!   lol

  4. travis

    Raw probiotics are very important they keep the bad bacteria from taking over. I once had c-diff Wich was basically because of the antibiotics I was on killed all of the good bacteria and the bad bacteria took over. I found out that if I would have been taking the probiotics while I was on the antibiotics I probably would have been ok. 

    One of the doctors suggestions to help me get better was to take probiotics. How much probiotics should a healthy person have per day? 

    1. Eric Wheeler

      Hey Travis, most people are fine with the suggested dosage on the label, at least that’s what works for me. Definitely let us know how they work for you.

      Eric & Debbie

  5. Russell

    Probiotics, I’ve heard of it and dismissed it as just another health scam. I knew of antibiotics, I had taken them on priscription when I was ill. None of my doctors had ever told me I needed to take probiotics afterward to restore the balance in my gut. Then in a casual conversation with a friend about health, it popped up again. 

    I have not ever knowingly used any but this article has caused me to decide to do some further investigation into the benefits of probiotics. I have heard about some of the diseases mentioned that affects the individual who does not have enough probiotics. I certainly do not want to experience any of them.

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