Vegan Bodybuilding Diet Cookbook

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Vegan Bodybuilding Diet Cookbook

I like to run and stay fit. From time to time, when things in our business get interesting I fall back on contracting construction work to keep our business alive.

Through many avenues of health and fitness interests I recently went Vegan for all of the reasons one might seriously adopt the lifestyle and found myself in need of information related to a Vegan bodybuilding diet.

I was temporarily working as an electrician at a world-class fabrication plant that makes chips for computers, cell phones as well as a variety of other things. The physical demands of the work I was doing made this information critical to my overall health.

A few concerns many new Vegans have is where do I find a solid nutritional guide, how do I survive when eating out or at a non-Vegan friend or family member’s house and how do I make sure my muscles get all of the nutrition they need for build and rebuild.

Vegan Bodybuilding Diet Cookbook and Nutritional Guide

While I wasn’t necessarily bodybuilding, the work I was doing was definitely as strenuous
as any bodybuilding workout, for sure. I knew I had to do some proper research to keep
myself healthy and my body fed with the right nutrition.

This is where Sivan Berko’s Muscles On Plants is a resource I wish I had known about when I first set out on my Vegan journey. Having a solid nutritional guide that you can trust is crucial.

While my goal isn’t necessarily to become a bodybuilder, I like to stay fit and trim to enjoy the best possible quality of life-cause if you’re not healthy, everything in your life is affected.

A Vegan's Guide To Healthy Eating Out

Going out from time to time, whether it’s to a restaurant, family event or just hanging out at a friend’s house shouldn’t be a problem. I remember trying to tactfully avoid unhealthy foods without hurting anyone’s feelings.

Having a guide on what to ask your restaurant, like if the beans they serve were cooked with lard (pig fat), is a resource that continues to come in handy. It’s awesome to have these tips outlined to make the transition to a healthy Vegan lifestyle seamless.

Nutritional Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

When I first started out I found out the hard way what nutritional requirements I needed as I was pulling wire on the electrical job I was working on. And not just any wire, the wire we were pulling was 5 lbs. per foot (12 in.) and the lengths were hundreds of feet long!

Most of the guys on the crew were staunch, proud meat-eaters. Being Vegan I had to take a few extra steps with a nutritional guide to keep my muscles in great shape and be ready to do it all over again the next day!

Being Vegan Is A Personal Life Journey

While my personal goals at present aren’t to strictly follow a Vegan bodybuilding diet to become a full time bodybuilder, I do however want to remain fit and healthy. My first and foremost goal is to have the highest possible quality of life for myself and partner Debbie.

Being conscious and aware of your health, the foods you eat and the impact your choices have on the environment and quality of life for future generations are important to us.

Having resources like Sivan Berko’s Muscles On Plants as a transition guide are critical adopting a healthy Vegan lifestyle even if your goal isn’t following a strict Vegan bodybuilding diet.

With so many super athletes, bodybuilders, sports professionals and celebrities joining the Vegan movement, it amazes me that more quality resources like Muscle On Plants are not currently available. Maybe my next project will be my own Vegan starter guide!

Feel free to leave any questions or comments, we look forward to hearing from you!