Top 10 Vegan Essentials For The Home Cook

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Top 10 Vegan Essentials For The Home Cook

Since deciding to go Vegan a year ago November 2017, we have done a lot of experimenting in the kitchen together. Great food and cooking together is a passion for Eric and I and we want to share what we have learned in the past year by sharing our must have Vegan Essentials For The Home Cook.

Whether you follow a raw Vegan diet, love making smoothies or just enjoy all different types of Vegan dishes, then these Vegan Essentials will be sure to make cooking easier. Even if you are not a Vegan but know someone who is then these would make great Vegan Gifts.

Vitamix Professional Grade Blender

For us the Vitamix is a must have Vegan Essential to have. From making smoothies, peanut butter, homemade ice cream and even hot soup. The Vitamix blender does it all and makes your time in the kitchen a big time saver.

Salad Spinner

A salad spinner is a must have for any Vegan or Vegetarian as it allows you to easily dry your greens. We like the one's with a large bowl being we eat a lot of different types of greens and it can double as a salad bowl.


We were never much into juicing our fruits and veggies being we eat a lot of them but after trying some fresh juice that my sister made we had to have one. One of our favorite juices to make is carrot/apple juice.

Slow Cooker (Crock Pot)

I have been using my slow cooker for as long as I can remember and I love how easy it is to use and makes everything taste great. As a new Vegan, we eat a lot of beans and have found buying dry beans and cooking them in the crock pot is so easy and they taste better than canned beans. We also like to make soups, chili and even lemon/ginger tea in our slow cooker.

Spiral Vegetable Slicer

A spiral slicer is another must have as you can easily turn zucchini and squash into spirals instead of eating noodles. Great for making curly fries and cutting all kinds of vegetables for salads and an array of side dishes.

Grill Pans

Another Vegan kitchen staple is a stove top grill pan. We like to make all different kind of black bean veggie burgers and having a grill pan allows for easy cooking. We also like to grill asparagus and other veggies on the stove top.

Good Set Of Knives

Any home cook knows that having a sharp knife in the kitchen makes all the difference. Especially when cutting sweet potatoes and other hard to cut fruits and vegetables. We like a knife that doesn't get dull and can hold up to everyday cooking.

Rice Cooker

Having a rice cooker makes it easy to cook rice, just set and forget. Some of the rice cookers even double as a steamer, making it great to steam your favorite veggies.

Food Dehydrator

Our food dehydrator is our newest find to our Vegan Essentials. You can  easily make dried herbs, trail mix, protein bars and even sprouted bread.

Vegetable Chopper

Having a vegetable chopper is another must have as it saves times in the kitchen and allows for easy prep. We like a chopper that minces, cuts, dices, shreds and much more.

These are just some of the few must have Vegan Essentials that we love to use in our kitchen and even travel with a few of them if we will be gone for a month at a time. Even if you are not a Vegan or Vegetarian then these would make great Vegan gift ideas.
We would love to hear your comments on your must have Vegan Essentials for The Home Cook.


9 thoughts on “Top 10 Vegan Essentials For The Home Cook

  1. Florence Ki

    I have almost all the equipment that you listed here except the food dehydrator. Can I know what’s the purpose of having this machine? As I am a busy working mother, I find it so difficult to prepare home-cooked food. Do you know of any vegan recipe that is delicious yet quick to prepare? 

    1. Eric Wheeler

      The food dehydrator is great to make healthy snacks like granola, dried fruit, veggie chips and even sprouted bread. We will be posting a sprouted bread recipe soon. We cook a lot of dry beans in the crock pot and one of our favorite go to recipes is a garbanzo bean sammie. We will be posting the recipe shortly.    

  2. Rob S.

    Being a vegan is a great way to be healthy.

    I happen to love vegetables and I eat salad all the time.

    There are many things that can be essential for you when making salads and dishes at home.The Vitamix is an excellent blender. My sister-in-law has one and she loves it. It makes her life a lot easier.

    We have a salad spinner which makes awesome salads. It’s so much easier than cutting things up by hand.Juicers are great for vegetable juice for us because fruit juices contain too much sugar.

    My wife loves her slow cooker! And she has every other gadget that she needs!How many of these do you own and do they help you a lot?

  3. GVporras

    Thank for sharing this great information about kitchen tool,i  been using the Vitamix 5200 blender and is a really good product,

     I’m looking to the salad spinner, since my wife is been looking for one, so we can dry our green, can you tell me witch salad spinner you recommend the best, we can decide from the Mueller 5L salad spinner or the Gourmia jumbo salad spinner.

    1. Eric Wheeler

      If you are like us and eat a lot of salad then we would recommend the larger of the 2 being you can dry more greens at a time and can also use it as a salad bowl.

  4. Prabakaran

    Hi Eric & Debbie!

    A very useful article showing the best necessary tools for the vegan cooking kitchen. Being a vegan I should check out food dehydrator, Spiral vegetable slicer, and slow cooker because I or my wife never used these. I think that slow cooker preserves the vitamins and minerals. We Indians normally use rice cookers. Salad spinner should also be useful because we use a lot of spinach types in our food.Thanks for recommending many useful vegan kitchen tools and very useful article.

  5. Lok Which

    I’ve been looking for a gift for my vegetarian uncle and I think if I get him a spiral vegetable slicer he will be glad and I will forward this post to him for him to benefit from it.Thanks for sharing this post. Is there no substitute instead of using salad spinner?

    1. Eric Wheeler

      We find that a salad spinner dries our greens best instead of using paper towels as we use it almost everyday. Thanks for sharing this post with your Uncle.

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